Godmanchester Town Show
godmanchester town show
The Town Show, for all ages, displaying an extensive range of ingenuity and talents across a wide range of classes

Town Show rules

Entry Form

To download your Entry Form and Class Descriptions please click on the item required below.
Please download, open, print out, complete the form then save as your entry and attach and email back to the address given at the bottom of the form.


All entries in our classes - Flowers & Plants, Vegetables and Fruit, Flower

Arrangements, Cookery, Jams, Preserves and Sweets, Handicrafts,

Photography and Art & Potterymust be the work of the exhibitor only.


In the Children’s Classes the exhibit must be the sole work of the exhibitor

and no assistance should be given in the production of the exhibit.


Exhibitors may only exhibit items as shown on their entry form and no

additional exhibits will be accepted for judging.


No signs or labels are to be displayed with entries apart from the official

Town Show entry label.


Exhibitors must be residents of Godmanchester or connected to

Godmanchester by way of association, club or school.


The Judges’ decision is final.


Three awards will be given where there are 5 or more entries per class.

When fewer than 4 exhibits are shown awards will be given at the Judges’



Exhibits will be left in situ at the show until after the presentation of



All trophies except awards certificates are the property of the

Godmanchester Town Show.


Trophies are to be returned to a member of the committee in good, clean

condition fourteen days prior to the following show date or earlier if so

requested. Any damage or loss will be the responsibility of the Trophy



An entry can only be submitted once and will not be accepted in subsequent



Godmanchester Town show will not be responsible for any accident, loss or

damage that may occur.

Godmanchester Town Show Classes 2022 Godmanchester Town Show Entry Form Godmanchester Town Show Entry Form
These are available for the 2022 Town Show
Godmanchester Town Show Classes 2022 Godmanchester Town Show 2022