Godmanchester Town Show
godmanchester town show
The Town Show, for all ages, displaying an extensive range of ingenuity and talents across a wide range of classes


In the meantime, here are some of the comments received after the 2019 Town Show. Thank you Mike for all the hard work you must put into the show! Yes I was successful in gaining a second place, but I shall be working on next year's entry in order to win first place! Kind regards, Janette Fish Thanks Mike. Myself and my children all got a 1st, 2nd or 3rd in various categories which we were delighted with. I’m still waiting to get my photographs returned . Any idea how long this should take please? Kind regards, Alison Dear Mike, It was an amazing event and I was very happy to make part of it. Not to win anything, but to be part of this wonderful community. For the first time I had the chance to fully enjoy our Town Show, as in previous years I have been singing at the Kings Festival in Cambridge Kings Chapel. This year, we had the ride and stride welcoming tent just out of the church so, we could enjoy both, the show and the riders and striders. Thank you and all the team that put together this marvellous event. Kindest regards, Lucilia Mike, We both loved the experience. Well done to you and your committee. The event has established itself amazingly quickly. Who would want to live anywhere else but Godmanchester! Best wishes, Liz and Peter Dear Mike, Bless you the show was wonderful thanks to you, Ann, Debs and everyone who worked so hard. It was great to see how many people came and had a lovely afternoon! We had a lot of wonderful entries on the floral side which was lovely too. Thanks again and have a rest this week, Best wishes Liz Mike, I cannot tell you how inordinately pleased I was to win- it truly was not expected. Thank you for all your hard work. Barbara Hi, Thank you so much for organising it – it’s such a lovely addition to the town’s calendar. We really enjoyed taking part. We’ll pop next year’s date in the diary! Charlotte Oldwood Christopher Vane Percy <cvp@cvpdesigns.com> Thanks Mike, it was a pleasure and very happy to help out at anytime. I am sorry I could not stay until the end but my daughter was visiting and I had to get back. Sue Rodwell Smith Dear Mike, Thank you and all the volunteers very much for the tremendous work in preparing for and running the show. Booking the entrances, designing, printing, hand writing all the labels, setting up the nave even having some flowers on the tables in the cafe etc etc. I hope there was a good turn out. Those I talked to appreciated it very much. Thanks and well done. Martin and Josephine Hi Mike, Thanks so much for your email - I really want to enter but I am away from the Friday and just won’t get a chance to bake anything. Next year I’ll be there because I had great fun last year Jayne
Many thanks to everyone who attended the Town Show held in September 2021 which we were lucky enough to hold after a 2 year hiatus. We held the show in a new venue, the Community Nursery, which was hugely successful, and I am really pleased to say we will be holding it there again this year. We had fantastic weather, loads of entrants, over 170 in total covering 9 classes and many sub divisions within these classes, so there is plenty of scope to get involved. This year we have a completely new committee who have been working hard behind the scenes, as well as volunteers on the day, without whom the whole show wouldn't be able to function. We are introducing a few new categories and have removed others which had few, if any, entrants, so hopefully there will be a class for you! We have kept the prices to enter the same as previous years which are: 50p to enter one exhibit and £1 for 3 exhibits. Children's entries continue to be free! We want everyone to have a fun day and to get involved, either as entrants or visiting the show.
Godmanchester Town Show 2022